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The Girlboss Rally review - the weekend every woman should attend.

Imagine a weekend where your sole purpose is to listen, learn and love yourself? Well, that’s the Girlboss Rally. I attended the Los Angeles rally this year and I have to say, it exceeded my expectations. This two-day event was probably the best thing I did for myself this year. It filled my heart with motivation, broadened my perspective, taught me some life lessons and provided practical advice for business and leadership. Plus, it garnered a lot of laughs - which, when you’re setup for two days of self-development, is super important.

From the moment you reached the location, you were handed a bright yellow tote that really made a statement. Your eyes were filled with bright eye-candy decor, instagramable moments, and experiential setups from brands you actually wanted to hear from. This year's location was at the University of California. The grounds allowed for an actual take-over from Girlboss so that each lecture hall had a theme, and you could walk between areas based on the unique schedule you built/booked in for. There were also plenty of food and drink options each day with an array of food trucks and snacks-galore in sessions!

The women that attend this are not only the most stylish people from across the country, but they’re the most open, ambitious and supportive group of ‘Girlbosses’ you’ll ever find. During a few of the sessions, we were asked to turn to the people next to us and share what brought you to the event. These stories alone were enough to make you want to build an empire, not to mention the classes and sessions that gave you actual resources, tips, and tools to implement all that was shared.

Now, enough about the atmosphere, and into the actual nitty-gritty.

My 5 fave keynote moments included:

  • Sallie Krawcheck celebrating being fired at 40 - this woman drops knowledge-bombs about finance and investment like nothing else! Her company 'Ellevest' empowers women and provides the platform for women to invest.

  • Dr. Lauren’s entrance to the stage - if I enter a stage at any point in the future, this is the level of energy I’ll be channeling. This woman is an absolute force. Check out her programs for women 'Not Therapy'.

  • Rupi Kaur and her gorgeous poetry reading that had the whole theatre in (happy) tears - her expression about being an immigrant woman was the most unique artistic performance I’ve ever experienced. Do yourself a favor and follow her on IG!

  • Whitney Cummings flashing the theatre her maternity bra - this was as unexpected for the crowd, as it was for her, I think. Her smart, raw comedy hits home.

  • Paris Hilton thinking a crying baby in the crowd was a cat - you gotta hand it to her, this woman is shameless, and admirably ruthless.

Throughout my sessions I jotted down a lot of thought-starters, so I wanted to share some with you:

  • Great marketing inserts itself into current culture and news, it doesn't try and change people, it should work with people.

  • To be an influencer, you need to care more about people and less about likes. Influencers have to be powerful - it’s not about the about followers, it’s about thought leadership.

  • A brand is essentially a feeling. 87% of consumers buy based on values and how that product or service makes them feel.

  • When it comes to pitching, it’s not just about talking, it’s about listening. Give people a moment to understand the thought. Listen to the room and navigate the mood.

  • Being a good leader, means you can be an artist with no hands. If you’re a good leader you should be able to guide a team to success through encouragement and a clear guidance on how to execute.

  • Ask people for their time, don’t just take it. If you have access to someone’s calendar do not assume a blank space is your space. Always ask, unless told otherwise.

If you’re considering going to the Girlboss rally in future years to come, I couldn’t recommend it more. This isn't just for entrepreneurs, it’s for anyone that needs support, guidance or a kickstart in inspiration and motivation across career opportunities, business, finance, wellness, leadership, personal growth in sexual health, spiritual openness, relationships, mental health, and goal setting.

With ambition,



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