I’m a creative marketing strategist based in Los Angeles and New York, hailing from Australia — the place with all the spiders and snakes. And yes, I bite too. I’ve worked with global brands of all shapes and sizes; as big as American Express, Uber, Google, Samsung, and BMW. Establishments such as the American Museum of Natural History and West Point Military Academy. I've helped startups and change-makers like AcabadaActive - the world’s first CBD-infused activewear brand, and LowercaseNYC - New York's only locally manufactured eyewear brand in the US, make their mark on the world.


I graduated from the University of Canberra, Australia, and went to Miami Ad School for Account Planning in New York City. Plus, I have several other bits of paper that say I’ve done things, however, my biggest lessons are always gained from understanding people’s ‘why’ in everyday life. I consider myself a student of life, while teaching others what I learn along the way. Sometimes you can even find me at NYU teaching students how to navigate the world of advertising. 

Now, with over 11 years of experience in the field of branding, advertising, marketing, client relationships, and strategy you could say I'm pretty good at the below: 

I am the VP of Brand Strategy & Accounts at [L]earned Media. It’s here that I oversee and manage each client's account, while providing strategic advice and planning from start to finish. Whether creating a brand from the ground up, creative content strategy, user-experience, digital media, or an integrated marketing campaign, my goal is to drive optimization and uncover insights that inform world-class creativity.

Why marketing? Why strategy? And why creative? Because it enables me to learn for a living. I’m entrenched in the challenge of cutting through the clutter, to think creatively to solve commercial problems. 

My passion is working with people, connecting teams, and building brands that change the world.

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